Saskatchewan and Manitoba This Week

What to Expect


Premier Moe will be managing the relationship with Ottawa this week. With the federal government expected to offer more money for the Canada Health Transfer at a first ministers meeting today, as well as offering different side deals to different provinces, managing the relationship will be key.

Premier Moe and Energy and Resources Minister Jim Reiter will also lead a delegation to Houston at the end of the week for the 2023 Natural Resources Investment Summit. The summit will provide an opportunity for SK industry to speak directly to potential investors in oil and gas, and critical minerals like copper and lithium and helium.


The province will continue to work to get up to speed and familiar with Premier Stefanson’s new cabinet, following last week’s shuffle to replace those who have declined to run in the next election. With eight months to go to the next election, there will be much work to do for the new ministers.

The Week That Was


The Saskatchewan government is making moves to fulfill their promise of expanding health care training programs through an immediate initial investment of more than $5.5 million which will help create over 550 new post-secondary training seats across 18 health care training programs.

The province is working to address the current need Regina has for more first-responders by increasing the number of positions of Emergency Medical Services, adding 24.5 full-time equivalent paramedic positions over the next three months.


Manitoba has announced the following changes to angling regulations which are being made in the interest of red tape reduction, effective April 1, 2023:

  • a single, annual angling licence for each residency type will replace the former “conservation” and “regular” licence categories;
  • a new one-day angling licence will also be available;
  • Manitoba seniors, as well as active military members and veterans residing in Manitoba, will no longer need to obtain an angling licence;
  • allowing open fishing year-round for certain abundant species coupled with enhanced sustainability measures;
  • introducing increased protection for large spawning fish and for certain species to protect high-value fish;
  • amending ice fishing shelter requirements; and
  • creating consistent residency definitions for anglers, hunters and trappers.


Manitoba will be increasing operational funding to all primary and secondary school divisions by 6.1 per cent which equates to $100 million for the 2023-2024 academic year. The funding will be directed as follows:

  • $62.9-million increase in operating support including an additional $20 million to address cost pressures, $5 million for special needs along with increases in other existing grants;
  • $8-million increase in capital support payments;
  • $24-million increase to the Property Tax Offset Grant; and
  • additional $5-million increase for independent schools.


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