Manitoba’s New Cabinet & The First Session of the 43rd Manitoba Legislature

As newly elected Premier Wab Kinew leads the Manitoba New Democratic Party into government with their first legislative session set to begin on November 21, there’s a sense of anticipation among Manitobans. Premier Kinew’s leadership style, coupled with the NDP’s election platform, signals a departure from the previous administration’s policies, with significant shifts expected in governance, economy, and social initiatives. So what can the public, stakeholders and businesses expect from this Government as they head back to a legislature?

The NDP ran a disciplined campaign with messaging that put Health Care front and centre. An enduring concern for Manitobans, the Healthcare file will dominate this session as the NDP will have to make good on at least part of their electoral commitments. Kinew’s promises to address health care issues, such as reducing wait times, strengthening mental health services, and reopening Emergency Rooms, will require significant investments in health care infrastructure and personnel.

Economically, the NDP’s platform emphasized investment in infrastructure, health care, education, and green energy. Kinew’s government is expected to steer towards a balanced approach, fostering economic growth while ensuring social welfare programs remain robust. Initiatives focused on job creation, particularly in renewable energy sectors, are likely to feature prominently, aligning with both economic and environmental interests. The new government is keenly aware that a robust economy with a high level of job creation will be required to provide the government coffers with the funds they need for election commitments.

Premier Kinew’s background as a former journalist, author, and advocate offers a unique perspective on governance. His commitment to social justice, reconciliation with Indigenous communities, and a focus on grassroots issues will be the most significant departure from the previous administration. Under the new Premier’s stewardship, Manitoba can expect a more robust emphasis on reconciliation. His personal journey as an Indigenous leader informs a commitment to repairing relationships with Indigenous peoples, addressing historical injustices, and integrating Indigenous perspectives into policymaking. The NDP government can be expected to initiate programs aimed at improving educational opportunities, health care access, and economic development for Indigenous communities.

Education is another area poised for transformation. Kinew has spoken passionately about the need for quality education and the importance of equipping Manitoba’s youth with the skills required for the future job market. Expectations are high for increased funding for schools, innovative curriculum reforms, and initiatives supporting accessibility to higher education.

In Premier Kinew’s election night speech and during his remarks from the government swearing-in ceremony, a large focus was placed on unity within the province. The government will require a meeting of minds between industry, Indigenous communities, social advocates, and the public service. Striking a balance between economic growth poses a great challenge for any provincial or federal government.

Every new administration has a “honeymoon” period, but with affordability, health and education reaching breaking points in the mind of the public, a honeymoon period may be short-lived indeed. Kinew’s leadership presents an opportunity to redefine Manitoba’s trajectory, steering it towards a future that prioritizes the well-being and prosperity of all its residents with smart, strategic policymaking, targeted stakeholder relations, and adept and adaptable governance.

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Sally Housser
Senior Manager, Communications
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