Canadian Strategy Group Expands Service Offerings to Meet Growing Market Needs

Edmonton, Alberta – Canadian Strategy Group (CSG) proudly unveils its new website today.

“The launch of our new website is another evolution in our decisive shift to a full-service public affairs and government relations company and reflects the capabilities we now offer to our clients across Western Canada,” said Hal Danchilla, CSG Co-Founder and Managing Partner.

Recently, CSG has welcomed three new members to its senior leadership team:

As a result, CSG expanded services include:

  • Strategic communications
  • Risk and reputation management
  • Stakeholder relations and engagement
  • Issues management and crisis communications
  • Media relations
  • Social media
  • Branding, creative, and multimedia production

“CSG’s partners collectively brings over a century’s worth of experience to Western Canada. If you include the rest of our senior leadership team, it’s nearly double that,” explained Danchilla. “We’ve worked through numerous economic cycles and countless world events that have impacted every corner of the globe. The culmination of these factors has shaped our culture and the counsel we give to businesses and organizations navigating through these times of change to ensure their story and messages are heard.”

“The strength in our leadership team goes beyond their expertise, experience, and standards of excellence each brings to the firm,” said Cathy Chichak, CSG Partner. “It’s in our individual personalities, these untouchable qualities that make each of us unique and, together as a team, bring a galvanized strength that our clients see reflected in the support we provide to them.”

CSG recognizes the synergy between government relations, stakeholder engagement, and public relations. We have come together to create a powerhouse of expertise under one roof and commit to a multi-dimensional team that will support our clients when they are ready to engage or take the stage.

“We’re proud of our CSG heritage and the impact we’ve made since 2008. We know we can do so much more and that more is now.” says Danchilla.

For more information:

Cathy Chichak, Partner
[email protected]


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