British Columbia This Week

What to Expect

Premier David Eby will be travelling to meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa from February 1-2 to discuss federal health transfers, prolific offenders, housing, and climate change.

With two weeks until the spring session opens with a Speech from the Throne on February 6, expect two things from provincial politics: some announcements from the government that will presage policies in the Throne Speech and media and op-eds from stakeholders looking to influence the policy priorities in the Speech.

The Week That Was

After two years of more subdued festivities, the Chinese New Year was celebrated with much fanfare in Vancouver’s downtown core on Sunday. The Year of the Rabbit is said to bring peace, harmony, and partnerships, which was perhaps echoed by the attendance of all federal leaders at the celebratory parade. Lined side by side behind a Chinese New Year banner, Prime Minister Trudeau, NDP Leader Singh, and CPC Leader Poilievre were joined by Mayor Sim and Premier Eby for the celebrations.

The B.C. Natural Resources Forum was held in Prince George, where Premier David Eby spoke of the importance natural resources have in British Columbia’s economy. He also highlighted that more work must be done in building Indigenous partnerships and streamlining simultaneous decision-making. CSG Partner Greg D’Avignon was in Prince George and wrote a summary of the conference and where the B.C. government’s priorities lay.

The construction phase of the province’s initiative to expand broadband connectivity has begun and will ensure access to high-speed internet for more than 500 households in six Indigenous communities.

Last week, B.C. families saw the first of three enhanced BC Family Benefit payments, providing families with moderate and low incomes, and children under 18, with more money in the first three months of 2023.

The Blueberry River First Nations Implementation Agreementwas signed between the provincial government and the Blueberry River First Nations. This agreement ensures collaboration between the two bodies regarding land, water and resource stewardship, Treaty 8 rights, and provides stability and predictability for regional industries. The deal is worth $300 million, which will be directed toward healing the land from industrial disturbances and oil and gas projects.

Orders in Council

OIC 17/2023 – Appoints Penny Janet Ballem as a Special Advisor within the Office of the Premier.

OIC 18/2022 – Appoints the following:

  • Amelia Pearson Hill as a Ministerial Advisor withing the Ministry of Attorney General;
  • Ellen Mary Workman Hiltz as Ministerial Advisor within the Ministry of Finance; and
  • Josipa Stojkovic as a Ministerial Advisor within the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills.


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