British Columbia This Week

What to Expect

With evacuations taking place in the Okanagan and throughout the interior of the province, wildfires and the government’s response will dominate the news cycle this week.

The Week That Was

B.C. residents forced to evacuate due to extreme conditions will now have access to expanded Emergency Support Services which now includes services such as e-transfer in many communities.

Fort Nelson First Nation has been awarded a second geothermal permit from the provincial government. This will allow for the continued advancement of the Tu Deh-Kah geothermal project located at Clarke Lake beyond the exploratory and planning work in areas originally awarded within the 2019 permit.

B.C. is taking action to help support long-term food security by providing funding to farmers and ranchers that will enable them to adopt regenerative agriculture practices and improve environmental resilience. Additionally, producers will receive a combined $4.4 million increase via the Beneficial Management Practices program in Budget 2022 for projects focused on carbon sequestration.

The province is dedicating $350,000 in funding for First Nations clean-energy projects in the following regions:


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