Saskatchewan and Manitoba This Week

What to Expect


The fall session in the Saskatchewan Legislature will wind down this Wednesday, followed by MLAs returning to their constituencies. Expect the Opposition NDP to continue to push on the themes they have presented throughout the session, namely healthcare, affordability, and education. Any final questions for this session will fall to the government Cabinet as Premier Moe is travelling to Washington this week for a trade mission focused on critical minerals.

On Monday, the Saskatchewan government also introduced the Saskatchewan Revenue Agency Act to support its economic autonomy agenda. The legislation sets out the framework for establishing a new agency that could take control of the corporate income tax system, which the federal government currently administers. Expect this to be a topic of discussion throughout the province.


The last week of campaigning for the Kirkfield Park byelection will happen this week. Advanced polls closed on Monday as the focus now shifts to election day next Tuesday. A recent debate between the PC, NDP, and Liberal candidates for this riding featured a discussion on the Grace Hospital located in Kirkfield Park and the status of healthcare in Winnipeg.

The Week That Was


The new Saskatchewan United Party has been officially registered with Elections Saskatchewan, with Saskatchewan Rivers MLA Nadine Wilson as the new party leader.

According to Statistics Canada, Saskatchewan added 11,800 jobs in November 2022, a 2.1 per cent increase from the same time last year. Saskatchewan’s unemployment rate is now the second lowest in Canada.

The Saskatchewan government has introduced the Saskatchewan Firearms Act, which would make the following changes:

  • With respect to recent changes by the federal government that impact lawful firearms owners:
    • establish licensing requirements for businesses or individuals involved in firearms expropriation;
    • require and oversee fair compensation for any firearms being seized; and
    • require forensic and ballistic testing of seized firearms.
  • Establish a provincial firearms regulatory system that will promote the safe and responsible use of firearms.


Saskatchewan has announced over $1.9 million for investment via the Saskatchewan Advantage Innovation Fund (SAIF) and the Agtech Growth Fund (AGF), which will be directed toward ten industry-led projects focused on research and development.

The province has introduced two new pieces of legislation, the first being an amendment to the Alcohol and Gaming Regulation Act, 1997, to modernize regulations, and the second is the Saskatchewan Revenue Agency Act, which would establish a new agency and increase tax collection autonomy.


The Manitoba government has announced the new appointment of Brenda DeSerranno as the next Deputy Minister of Agriculture, effective January 7, 2023.

To modernize liquor service licensing within the province, the government is reintroducing a bill to amend the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Control Act. The amendment would allow for the ability to sell liquor with takeout and delivery food orders.


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