Saskatchewan and Manitoba This Week

What to Expect


Canadian Western Agribition, the largest livestock show in Canada, runs this week in Regina. While livestock is the backbone of Agribition, there is also a strong focus on international trade of ag products. Look for the government of Saskatchewan to make some agriculture-focused announcements this week, that also focus on trade, food security and the Saskatchewan economy. With the Legislature still in session, bills already introduced will continue to make their way to becoming law, and the Opposition will continue to focus on healthcare and affordability.


With the Government of Manitoba unable to make spending announcements until the conclusion of the Kirkfield Park byelection on December 13, there will be little in the way of announcements between now and then. There will be many promises, though, as the Liberals, PCs, and NDP test messaging and policies in the riding in preparation for next year’s general election.

The Week That Was

Saskatchewan and Manitoba, in collaboration with the Alberta government, are in opposition to the proposed federal amendments to Bill C-21 that would ban many legally obtained firearms.


The federal government has approved the Saskatchewan Output-Based Performance Standards (OBPS) Program which will take the place of the previously imposed federal carbon-tax program beginning on January 1, 2023.

The Saskatchewan government has made changes to the province’s trespassing legislation, introducing the Trespass to Property Amendment Act, 2022, that will prohibit federal employees from entering onto privately owned land without the landlord’s prior consent.


The provincial government is introducing the Off-Road Trails Safety and Maintenance Act which would enable safer and more accessible use of off-road vehicles. The Act also includes a $25 annual fee for registered off-road vehicles, which would be put toward organizations that will support:

  • trail development and maintenance;
  • safety education, training and promotion;
  • emergency trail repair;
  • rehabilitation of lands damaged by unauthorized ORV use;
  • operations and administration of Snoman and ATVMB; and
  • trail capital projects, if sufficient funds are available.


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