Saskatchewan & Manitoba This Week

What to Expect

After the Saskatchewan NDP’s byelection loss in a riding the party held for 26 years, leader Ryan Meili stepped down, triggering a leadership race. Who steps up to run for leader will be a hot topic of discussion in political circles in coming weeks.

Look too for some lingering protests related to the Freedom Convoy in Saskatchewan. Over the weekend, an attempt to blockade the North Portal crossing, near Estevan, was prevented by RCMP.

The Week That Was


The general public will now have province-wide access to free HIV testing kits via 23 approved locations.

The Government of Canada is investing $6.6 million for rural high speed internet for the province. Funding for the new Saskatchewan projects is allocated as follows:

  • $2.4 million for FlexNetworks for a project benefiting the communities of Neuhorst, Bradwell, Shields, Thode, and Neuanlage, as well as rural areas near the village of Clavet.

  • $1.29 million for Prairie Crocus Rural Internet for a project benefiting the communities of Water Park Estates, Eagle Ridge Country Estates, Aberdeen, and Shields.

  • $528,909 for Access Communications Cooperative Limited for a project benefitting the communities of Macklin and Shaunavon.

  • $458,271 for Muscowpetung Saulteaux Nation.

  • $1.9 million for Beardy’s & Okemasis’ Cree Nation.

Saskatchewan has been the leader in Growth in Manufacturing Sales and Wholesale Trade year-over-year, bringing the province more than $3.2 billion for the total value of wholesale trade and the total value of manufacturing shipments was more than $1.7 billion in December 2021. 

The province has committed to the investment of $1.1 million in funding that will be used to expand its family violence support program. The investment to expand the Family Intervention Rapid Support Team will take place over a three-year period.

Federal Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau and Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister David Marit announced details of the 2022 Crop Insurance Program. Average coverage will reach a record level of $405 per acre, due to higher commodity prices and increased yield coverage. More details can be found here.


The Manitoba Government is seeking input to help develop a long-term policy framework for energy in the province. The survey is available at

45 community-based initiatives relating to mental health, addictions, and recovery can expect to receive $4.9 million in funding from the Manitoba government and United Way Winnipeg.

The Manitoba government is creating a new Economic Development Board dedicated to fostering strong economic growth, attracting investment, promoting trade and creating high-quality jobs for Manitobans.


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