Hal Danchilla


Email: [email protected]  |  Phone: 780.975.4462

Hal co-founded CSG with Michael Lohner in 2008.

Almost every political event in Alberta over the last 30 years has been shaped, advised, managed, directed, or informed by Hal Danchilla. A keen strategist, he crafted and led leadership and election campaigns at all levels of government.

Most notably, Hal served as a political advisor during the Klein administration, provided strategic advice to Stephen Mandel’s successful underdog campaign to become Mayor of Edmonton and, along with Jason Kenney, chaired and managed the leadership and national campaign for Stockwell Day and the Canadian Alliance. Recently, he served as a trusted advisor to former Premier Kenney.

Since 1998, Hal has delivered results to clients, not just in government relations, but in strategic and crisis communications, negotiations, advocacy, and influencing public opinion.

He has led many challenging projects, including the reclamation of contaminated sites, forming new industry associations, securing access for rare pharmaceuticals, and guiding professional compensation strategies.

Hal is a frequent media commentator, panellist, executive and board speaker, and guest lecturer at the University of Alberta.