Saskatchewan and Manitoba This Week

What to Expect


Premier Moe is in Washington, D.C. this week, where he will focus on the sustainable development of Saskatchewan’s natural resources and ability to meet challenges related to energy security, such as carbon capture and enhanced oil recovery, small modular reactors, and nuclear energy, as well as developing critical minerals and rare earth elements. The latter will find an audience in the American national security community as developing allied rare earth mineral supplies is seen as critical in a world of increasing geopolitical competition with China, which controls the vast majority of the world’s supply of minerals that are integral to most technologically advanced military equipment.


Manitoba’s Natural Resources and Northern Development Minister and Minister responsible for the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation, Scott Fielding, announced that he would be stepping down as minister and MLA for Kirkfield Park. The former Finance Minister and Winnipeg city councillor will be missed in the Stephanson Cabinet. Fielding had almost double the votes of the opposition NDP in the 2019 general election. After a close call in the Fort Whyte byelection, the PCs will be looking to hang on to this PC stronghold.

Northern Manitobans will go to the polls in the Thompson riding today where the NDP are very likely to hold the relatively safe seat.

The Week That Was


Premier Moe announced changes to the provincial Cabinet last week, marking the first major shuffle since the Saskatchewan Party’s election win in 2020. While many were expecting some significant changes, this shuffle is best described as “steady.” The size of Cabinet remains at 18, including the Premier, with ten members of cabinet retaining their portfolios.

Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Environment is developing a forest resource inventory project for the province’s commercial forest zone. The project will use remote sensing data and the latest technology to facilitate the expansion of the province’s forestry industry and support appropriate stewardship by providing critical information to industry and other users.

The Saskatchewan Indigenous Investment Finance Corporation (SIIFC) is now taking applications from First Nations and Métis communities and organizations interested in investing in the province’s natural resource and value-added agriculture sectors. The SIIFC will offer up to $75 million in loan guarantees to eligible applicants that will support Indigenous-equity ownership of major projects in mining, energy, oil and gas, forestry, and value-added agriculture.


Manitoba Environment, Climate and Parks is advising of changes to flood-related closures and advisories at a number of provincial parks. Details on all flood related closures and advisories in provincial parks are available at


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