British Columbia This Week

What to Expect

Premier-designate Eby is set to be sworn in on November 18. As the transition period continues, more specifics will emerge regarding his 100-day priorities of housing, health care, environmental stewardship, and crime. While there have been some significant announcements on health care in recent weeks, further announcements regarding the B.C. NDP’s fall initiatives will be held until the new Premier is sworn in.

On Wednesday November 2, the regimental funeral of RCMP Constable Shaelyn Yang will be held. Yang was fatally stabbed in the line of duty on October 18th.

Thursday, November 3, will be John Horgan’s last day in the B.C. Legislature and he will have the opportunity to address the assembly as outgoing Premier.

The Week That Was

Premier-designate David Eby has announced his transition team to ensure a smooth transfer of power:

  • Matt Smith, Chief of Staff to the Premier
  • Shannon Salter, Deputy Minister and Head of the Public Service
  • Carole James, Transition Co-Chair
  • Doug White, Kwulasultun, Transition Co-Chair

In an effort to stimulate economic growth and environmental sustainability, the B.C. government has announced a series of changes such as establishing the B.C. Energy Regulator, beginning the process of developing a cohesive regulatory framework for hydrogen, and consulting First Nations and stakeholders regarding legislative and regulatory changes.

The introduction of Bill 40 comes with proposed amendments to the Passenger Transportation Act that would increase both the availability and accessibility of B.C.’s taxi and ride-hailing industries.

B.C. has made changes to the healthcare payment model from the previous fee-for-service model which allowed for billing based on the number of patients. The new model allows for doctors to take into account the following work associated with patient-care:

  • the time a doctor spends with a patient;
  • the number of patients a doctor sees in a day;
  • the number of patients a doctor supports through their office;
  • the complexity of the issues a patient is facing; and
  • administrative costs currently paid directly by family doctors.


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