British Columbia This Week

What to Expect

With the Legislature slated to resume sitting on October 3, the rest of this month will see the teasing of new policies, bills, and announcements. A new NDP leader, and thus new B.C. Premier, will not be chosen until December. As a result, the fall will likely see Premier Horgan solidifying his legacy while also setting the next leader up for success in the next election.

There’ll be a new member when the Legislature returns, as the Surrey-South by-election will be held on Saturday. How the opposition fairs will be a topic of discussion.

Finally, Premier Horgan is expected to announce more affordability measures tomorrow.

The Week That Was

Twenty-five communities will receive $500,000 in grant funding for age-friendly assessments, planning, and projects that will help maintain seniors’ active lives.

The CleanBC Building Innovation Fund is providing $5 million for the third round of funding that will support made-in-B.C. projects focused on energy efficiency and emissions reduction.


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